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I look forward to welcoming you to my online training courses, which will be starting this summer. More information coming soon!


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Some thoughts about Human Factors at these difficult times.


Inhimillisten tekijöiden kurssin infotilaisuus (in Finnish)

27.08.2019 - Aviapolis, Vantaa

Ilmailu- ja sairaanhoitoalan sekä pelastuslaitoksen kouluttajat.

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I offer a range of workshops to fit your team's needs. These workshops employ a variety of different techniques to help with understanding and to boost confidence. At present I offer workshops on four main subjects: Train the Trainer, Cultural Awareness, Customer Service and Personal Development. More information on each of these is given below.


All courses come with an attendance certificate and course handout material (where applicable).

Train the Trainer Workshop

Duration: 1 or 2 days
Price: 220€/person (1 day); 330€/person (2 days)
Maximum Participants: 12


This workshop will help you to develop your trainer skills; gain new confidence as a trainer and presenter; and assist you in delivering courses that people will want to participate in again and again.

You will receive practical tips on developing training materials; how to spark interest in trainees; how to maintain interest throughout a course; and how to build more confidence and credibility as a trainer and presenter.

Cultural Awareness Workshop

Duration: 4 hours
Price: 110€/person
Maximum Participants: 12


This workshop will explore similarities and differences in cultural expectations and improve your ability to understand and relate to other people. We will explore what is "normal"; how to make international relations work together smoothly; why deadlines can slip; and what different methods can be used for identifying situations or problems in a non-judgemental manner.

After the workshop you will have a better understanding of cultural differences; have the knowledge to be able to identify and respond to differing cultural expectations; and be able to talk to people in an inclusive manner that respects their cultural needs.

Customer Service Workshop

Duration: 1 day
Price: 220€/person
Maximum Participants: 12


This workshop will focus upon interactions with customers. You and your team can have the best of everything but if you are lacking in customer service skills, you will not be successful in the long-run. We will explore what customer service is and why it's important; how your organisation can stand out from others; what the impact of excellent customer service experience is (and how to achieve it); problem solving with customers; and service recovery.

After the workshop, you will have the necessary skills to stand out from the crowd and improve your customer satisfaction.

Personal Development Workshop

Duration: 1 day
Price: 220€/person
Maximum Participants: 8


This workshop will help you to explore how to live and achieve your dreams; how to manage your fears and get started; and how to create an individual development plan. You will discover that you are a lot stronger than you think and that with a little help, you can begin a concrete process of personal development.

If you want me to organise a workshop for you or your company, please contact me.

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