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Tiiminvetäjän konfliktinhallinnan kurssi tulossa jälleen 7.-14.3.2023 verkkokoulutuksena!

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Tervetuloa hankkimaan tiiminvetäjän työkaluja konfliktinhallintaan. Kurssipäivä pidetään 2.11. Radisson Blu Royal Hotellissa.

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Are you interested in inspiring your team and being more successful in what you do? Maybe you don't know how to improve, or you don't think you have the resources? I can show you how to achieve your goals - please get in touch.

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My work is focused around training for a variety of situations that arise because of the human factors in day-to-day situations. This short video gives a brief introduction to some of the training that I offer - in this case, the video is focused upon Crew Resource Management.

"I am doing my work properly when I create an experience for the customer - above their expectations - through the values of respect, trust, honesty, loyalty and work ethic."

What I Do

My courses are suitable for any size of organisation regardless of industry interested in developing their personnel or team skills. You can choose the course you want to focus upon and the course will be tailored to your needs.

The Aviation Crew Resource Management courses are  following EASA (European Union Aviation Safety Agency) standards.

All courses include relevant course material for your organisation.

My work as an aviation consultant is to advise on aviation procedures, policies, practices and Crew Resource Management elements by following aviation authorities rules, regulations and airline standards. I provide expert guidance and advise to private and commercial aviation cabin and training departments and those looking to enter the aviation industry.We will work together towards to the desired goal.

My name is Tea Nevala. I have been in aviation since 1990 and have extensive experience as a Senior Cabin Crew Member, a Training Manager, a Aviation Consultant, a Training Consultant, and in a variety of training roles. I am an aviation-certified trainer. I am able to support you throughout the entirety of your development plan, from first steps until completion.


My Experience

  • Senior Cabin Crew Member (Aviation Cabin Leadership Program)
  • Crew Resource Management Trainer & Examiner (CRMT) & (CRMTE)
  • Leadership Skills & Cultural Awareness Trainer
  • "Train the Trainer" & "Basic Instructor" Trainer
  • Customer Service Trainer
  • Aviation Safety Trainer
  • Training Manager
  • Aviation Consultant (Cabin & Training Department)
  • Training Consultant

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