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Kevään uusi koulutus!


Tervetuloa hankkimaan tiiminvetäjän työkaluja konfliktinhallintaan maaliskuussa. Ensimmäinen kurssipäivä pidetään 9.3. ja toinen viikkoa myöhemmin 16.3.2022 Zoom-alustaa käyttäen.

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Syksyn vuorovaikutuskoulutus!


Lähiesimiehille suunnattu vuorovaikutuskoulutus järjestetään taas! Ensimmäinen kurssipäivä on 15.9., ja toinen järjestetään viikkoa myöhemmin 22.9.2021. Kurssille voit osallistua etänä, sillä kurssi toteutetaan verkossa Zoom-alustaa käyttäen.

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Ilmoittautuminen avattu!


Lähiesimiehille suunnattu vuorovaikutuskurssi on jälleen tarjolla 2.-3.6. Zoom-koulutuksena. Tule mukaan kehittämään tiiminvetäjän taitojasi!

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Other Courses

I offer a variety of other courses, tailored to your needs. Each of my courses can be adjusted to fit your development goals and plans - and to keep costs down. I will evaluate with you what needs to be done, and you pay only for the training you need.

I employ a variety of methods in my courses, and can conduct these either at your organisation's premises or at an arranged location. I make use of traditional classroom teaching, along with more practical methods such as mock-ups, outdoor training (e.g. survival), special practical training (e.g. wet drills in a swimming pool) and online training.

Pre-planned Courses

I can offer pre-planned courses on the following topics - each of these can be tailored to your needs:

  • EASA Cabin Safety Training
  • Crew Resource Management Training (Initial: 2 days, annual update: 4 hours)
  • Senior Cabin Crew Training (3-5 days)
  • Basic Instructor Training (4 days)
  • Cultural Awareness Training (4 hours)
  • Customer Service Training (1 day)
  • CRMT - Crew Resource Management Trainer Training (5 days)

Feedback from Attendees

"The instructor has huge experience and always listens to what the trainees have to say and answers the questions with objective examples."

"The instructor kept the class engaged. I learned more than in any other course I have participated before."

"The instructor knows what she is talking about. Excellent knowledge and experience."

"I thought there is nothing new I can learn in Train the Trainer course. I was wrong. I learned several new tools! Very useful!"

"It took me years to understand people's behaviour and differences. These tools are useful for me in any field. Big thank you."

If you want me to organise a course for you or your company, please contact me.

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