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TN Training Consultant



TN Training Consultant courses are suitable for any size of organizations which are interested in developing their personnel or team skills. You may choose the topics you want to focus on and the course will be tailored for your needs. Courses include course material relevant to the nature of your organization. 


TN Training Consultant provides courses created and presented by Mrs. Nevala who has 28 years' experience in aviation. She uses her experience as a Senior Cabin Crew Member and a Safety, CRM (Crew Resource Management), Train the Trainer, Leadership Skills and Cultural Awareness trainer, Training Manager and CRMTE = Crew Resource Management Trainer Examiner to provide you and your organization the highest quality training. Mrs. Nevala is a trainer approved by FOCA (Swiss Federal Office of Civil Aviation) and LBA (Luftfart-Bundesamt, German Federal Aviation Office). The 28 years of international training and work experience are the strenghts which will skill you or your organization up. The courses are built on trust quality and respect.

I will support you from the first steps of your development plan. 


Specialized in following courses:

  • Aviation Cabin Safety
  • Crew/Company Resource Management ( CRM ) Aviation 
  • Human Factors Training in Healthcare, Fire Service & Coaching
  • Senior Cabin Crew Member
  • Basic Instructor Training/Train the Trainer
  • Leadership/Management
  • Personal Development
  • Cultural Awareness
  • Customer Service
  • CRMT ( Crew Resource Management Trainer )