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TN Training Consultant



  • Cabin Safety  followed by EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency )
  • Crew Resource Management ( CRM ). Initial 2 days. Annual recurrent 4 hours.
  • Senior Cabin Crew Member 3-5 days
  • Basic Instructor Training / Train the Trainer 4 days
  • Leadership 3 days
  • Management 4 days
  • Coaching ( Human Factors ) 2 days
  • Healthcare ( Human Factors ) 2 days
  • Fire Service ( Human Factors ) 2 days
  • Personal Development 1 day
  • Cultural Awareness 4 hours
  • Customer Service 1 day
  • CRMT ( Crew Resource Management Trainer) course 5 days


  • Training day : 1 day = 8 hours  and 1/2 day = 4 hours


  • Courses are tailormade for your needs this way we keep the costs down. We evaluate together the need of the training.You pay only for the training needed. No additional costs.

Feedback from the courses:


  • The instructor has huge experience and always listens to what the trainees have to say and answers the questions with objective examples.
  • The instructor kept the class engaged. I learned more than in any other course I have participated before.
  • Very interactive course. Real life examples used to achieve course objectives.
  • I feel fully prepared for my work. Can't wait to start!
  • The instructor has lots of positive energy. Open and ideal learning atmosphere in the classroom.
  • The instructor knows what she is talking about. Excellent knowledge and experience.
  • I thought there is nothing new I can learn in Train the Trainer course. I was wrong. I learned several new tools! Very useful!
  • The instructors passion for the course delivery is amazing. The instructor has the capability to get the best out of the trainees.
  • It took me years to understand people's behaviour and differences. These tools are useful for me in any field. Big thank you.
  • I wish one day I would be able to have the similar skills than the instructor.