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TN Training Consultant



  • Cabin Safety  followed by EASA ( European Aviation Safety Agency )
  • Crew Resource Management ( CRM ). Initial 2 days. Refresher 4 hours.
  • Senior Cabin Crew Member 3-5 days
  • Basic Instructor Training / Train the Trainer 4 days
  • Leadership 3 days
  • Management 4 days
  • Coaching ( Human Factors ) 2 days
  • HUFASO ( Human Factor Solution ) Medical field  2 days
  • Personal Development 1 day
  • Cultural Awareness 4 hours
  • Customer Service 1 day
  • CRMT ( Crew Resource Management ) course 5 days
  • Training day : 1 day = 8 hours  and 1/2 day = 4 hours
  • Courses are tailormade for your needs this way we keep the costs down. We evaluate together the need of the training.You pay only for the training needed. No additional costs.
  • Price examples:
  • Depending of the location and duration of the course.
  • Speaker: 60min-120min starting from 350,00-640,00 (euros)
  • Course: Starting from 510,00 (euros) 1/2 day ( 4 h ) and 980,00 (euros) 1 day ( 8h ).
  • Ask for the quote, please

Feedback from the courses:


  • The instructor has huge experience and always listens to what the trainees have to say and answers the questions with objective examples.
  • The instructor kept the class engaged. I learned more than in any other course I have participated before.
  • Very interactive course. Real life examples used to achieve course objectives.
  • I feel fully prepared for my work. Can't wait to start!
  • The instructor has lots of positive energy. Open and ideal learning atmosphere in the classroom.
  • The instructor knows what she is talking about. Excellent knowledge and experience.
  • I thought there is nothing new I can learn in Train the Trainer course. I was wrong. I learned several new tools! Very useful!
  • The instructors passion for the course delivery is amazing. The instructor has the capability to get the best out of the trainees.
  • It took me years to understand people's behaviour and differences. These tools are useful for me in any field. Big thank you.
  • I wish one day I would be able to have the similar skills than the instructor.