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TN Training Consultant now also offers courses online! Read more to find out information about the Customer Experience Excellence course that is now live!


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I look forward to welcoming you to my online training courses, which will be starting this summer. More information coming soon!


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Some thoughts about Human Factors at these difficult times.



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From time-to-time I organise events, often in collaboration with other industry professionals, to give easy access to Human Factors training. You can read more about these events below.

Inhimillisten tekijöiden (Human Factors) kurssin infotilaisuus

This event is held in Finnish - there will be no English content available.

Päivä: 27.08.2019 (09.45-12.00)
Paikka: Technopolis, Aviapolis, Vantaa
Hinta: 29€/henkilö

Inhimillisten tekijöiden kurssin infotilaisuus on suunnattu ilmailualan, terveydenhoitoalan ja pelastuslaitoksen kouluttajille. Tilaisuuden tarkoituksena on keskutella ja jakaa mielipiteitä turvallisuudesta, yhteistyöstä ja hyvinvoinnista sekä saada parempi käsitys siitä, kuinka niitä voidaan edistää inhimillisten tekijöiden koulutuksella.

Ota yhteyttä saadaksesi lisätietoja.

International Human Factors Event Helsinki 2019

Date: 11-12.06.2019
Location: Clarion Hotel Helsinki Airport, Helsinki, Finland
Price: 420€/person (2 days); 245€/person (1 day)

This two-day conference is an opportunity to discuss, with industry experts, the many opportunities and challenges the future of Human Factors training holds. This event is aimed at aviation, healthcare and fire service Human Factors trainers, training departments and managers.

The aim of the event is to combine different perspectives and insights in order to advance the development of Human Factors training for safety-sensitive industries. Each day you will share, explore and discuss with experts on different topics. The program includes technical presentations, case studies, workshops and discussions.

For more information, please get in touch.

If you want me to organise an event for you or your company, please contact me.

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