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Inhimillisten tekijöiden kurssin infotilaisuus (in Finnish)

27.08.2019 - Aviapolis, Vantaa

Ilmailu- ja sairaanhoitoalan sekä pelastuslaitoksen kouluttajat.

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International Human Factors Event Helsinki 2019

11-12.06.2019 - Aviapolis, Vantaa

Ticket sales ended!



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Human Factors in Healthcare

The healthcare field has many daily human factors challenges. The objective of this training is to help to prevent conflicts, incidents and accidents arising from human factors, with the goal of creating an open, caring and motivational working environment.

Up to 95% of errors, incidents and accidents in the healthcare sector have at least some elements of human factors.

Example: Shift Working

Workers fighting normal circadian rhythms and their natural sleep/wake cycle has its affects both on the human body, and on workplace performance.

Some of the challenges faced during an overnight shift might include:

  • Higher customer volume per staff member.
  • Higher possibility of patient injury/death.
  • Reduced staffing.
  • High workload, often including equipment maintenance, strained patient interactions, medication preparation and dealing with emergencies.
  • Difficulties in communication and decision-making brought about by fatigue.

This course will give you the tools and understanding to achieve a safe and open atmosphere in your organisation, through preventing conflict, incidents and accidents. This will lead to an increase in patient well-being and trust, as well as an improvement in quality and safety of service.

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