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Coronavirus Update


Some thoughts about Human Factors at these difficult times.

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Inhimillisten tekijöiden kurssin infotilaisuus (in Finnish)

27.08.2019 - Aviapolis, Vantaa

Ilmailu- ja sairaanhoitoalan sekä pelastuslaitoksen kouluttajat.

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International Human Factors Event Helsinki 2019

11-12.06.2019 - Aviapolis, Vantaa

Ticket sales ended!



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Coronavirus Update

Human Factors continue to be one of the significant causes of errors, incidents and accidents.

We are facing difficult times and have many open questions about COVID-19.

For example:

  • How do we protect from future issues?
  • Can we achieve better security and more unity in the world?
  • What can we learn?

Should we now focus even more on the Human Factors elements and non-technical aspects of performance?

Stay safe and healthy.

We will make it.

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