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TN Training Consultant

Human Factors Training in coaching 


Finland won World Championship 2019 in ice hockey!

We shall continue the " winning attitude". Starting from the human factors training in coaching.The effect of the training in coaching should not be overlooked.


Coach has the big role in teambuilding. The skill to motivate is vital to achieve the desired performance!


What is " the Human Factor"? 

It is a term that encompasses actions we take in response to stimuli ( information processing). The actions, latent and active, contribute to outcomes either positively or negatively.

Examples of the human factors elements :

  • Communication
  • Co-operation / teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Situational awareness
  • Decision making
  • Culture
  • Attitude & behaviour
  • Stress
  • Workload management
  • Error prevention & detection
  • Surprise & startle
  • Fatique

It is important to have the knowledge and understanding of the human factors presence in the daily coaching and playing.


"Practise until you do not get it wrong anymore"


Understanding of human and mental factors are one of the most important elements in coaching. 

Mind and body needs to be synchronized to achieve peak performance.

Soccer and ice hockey are mental games!

You need to ask some questions from yourself as a coach?

  • How to become successful coach? What is success?
  • How to get best out of individual players to build a winning team?
  • How to achieve team/ organization objectives?
  • How and when is it difficult or easy  to give feedback? How shall we give feedback?
  • How to deal with disappointment?
  • How is my own performance?
  • How can I boost my team's confidence using mental strategies?

There are for example millions of soccer/ ice hockey players and coaches in the world. Everyone wants to win.

How do we win?

You need to have the knowledge, will and skill how to increase team performance by managing human and mental factors and minimizing the psychological effects of injury and poor performance.

You will become even more successful coach by understanding the need of human/mental factors, empower, motivation, trust, culture and respect.


For players:

We provide courses for players. We believe when the coach and the players have human and mental factors understanding, the road together leads to success.

Players may suffer from:

  • Fear of failure and outcomes
  • Fragile confidence after mistakes, wrong passes, missed goals etc..
  • Poor control of emotions to cope with mistakes

Improved focus and increased confidence and motivation are vital to overcome the above.


Human Factors Course. What is it all about?

Training focuses less upon technical knowledge and skills and more upon the interpersonal skills.

What are the benefits of human factors training?

Training improves:

  • Thinking and focus
  • Actions
  • Performance
  • Error prevention & detection
  • Co-operation with the organization, parents, players
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Confidence
  • Well-being
  • Motivation
  • Financial benefit 
  • Safety


Course include:

  • Case studies
  • Workshops
  • Discussions
  • Practical exercise ( assessment of the Human Factors elements )
  • Role play

After the course you will be able to develop your team and organization objectives and performance.



Let's go to the finals and bring the trophy home!